'Free Four' Rewrite

Fandom: Divergent

**Note**- Veronica Roth decided to write Chapter 13 of Divergent through Four’s point of view. Naturally, what she wrote was just as bad as the original scene. I decided to rewrite Four’s extra to humanise the characters and add more depth to the characters themselves. Thanks to charlie2cute for beta-ing the spitefic.

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Supporting Characters

1. Christina

2. Susan

3. Will

4. Al

5. Marcus Eaton

6. Andrew and Natalie Prior

7. Peter

8. Molly

9. Myra

10. Robert

11. David

12. Uriah Pedard

13. Marlene

14. Lynn

15. Zeke Pedard

16. Tori

17. Andrew

18. Eric

19. Lauren and Max

20. Johanna

Her True Form, A Crossover

Fandom: Harry Potter
Fandom: The Twilight Saga, New Moon
Rating: 9+

A/N: So Bella's awfulness is much more evident in this fic, but I have really not change that much except make her less subtle than she is in canon.

Bella walked slowly through the hallway of the school. Everywhere around her she saw it - laughter, joy, love, hope. How could people dare to feel all this? How could they, as her heart was broken, a hole teared her chest? Even with Jacob, the hole wasn’t healing, even with his bright energy, she felt no joy or love.

When she sat at her usual table at lunch, she felt disgusted. Eric and Katie were laughing at something on Katie’s phone. Ben and Angela were giggling, while feeding each other from from one-another’s plates. Jessica was holding Connor’s hand under the table. Even Lauren looked happy, though she had no boyfriend. Mike was the only one who paid attention to Bella. He smiled nicely at her, happy obviously about the movie outing, which Bella had let him delude himself that just maybe it was more than friends hanging out, but still not a real date. She looked at him with a grim expression on her face and his smile faded immediately. He still sat next to her, but simply ate in silence and never smiled again.

“So did Mike tell you about the outing?” Bella asked the people around, smiling artificially.

Eric and Katie’s laughter suddenly ceased. “He did, but… sorry, Bella,” Katie said. “We already had plans. It’s our three-week anniversary on Saturday,” she smiled at Eric.

“Oh,” Bella turned to her, with a crooked smile. “Good for you. Have fun.”

Katie blushed and looked down at her hands. Bella set her eyes upon the rest of them - Jessica just glared at her for a second, Connor shook his head grimly and Ben and Angela agreed, only they now looked downcast and went back to eating, though this time - from their own plates.

“You should come too, Lauren,” Mike smiled in a sad way.

“No, thank you. I have a hair appointment,” Lauren said firmly.

“Oh, well - good for you too,” Bella tapped her on the shoulder. The blonde to frowned.

Bella was driving home, with a pleased smile. She was just so annoyed at all those whiny, feeble humans, especially Katie and Eric, with their “three-week anniversary”! Who would even celebrate such a silly thing?! As if what they felt was real, anyway! Nothing could compare to her feeling for Edward!

Suddenly, in the middle of the road, the sky clouded - more than usual, and it seemed as if the sun had set, out of nowhere. Bella saw three hooded figures in black coats, standing the middle of the road. She pulled the break immediately* and her truck screeched to a halt, just in time. The three figures did not move an inch, even as she was about to hit them. Bella frowned through her windshield as she noticed something strange - they didn’t seem to have faces.

She got out of the car with the intention to check if they were all right, but she had only taken few steps, when the figures surrounded her. They didn’t seem to be walking, but rather sliding. Bella looked up at their hoods and realised that they did not in fact have faces. What she saw was only overflowing darkness.

She realised there was something horrifying about these figures, something despairing, something wretched. They probably would have terrified anyone else; in fact, they must have, because she saw no one around, even though she was just out of  the main road. But to her they only seemed… sublime and strangely familiar.

“Who are you?” She asked, but there was no hostility in her voice, only curiosity. “What do you want with me?”

One of them raised its hand and touched her.

“Isabella Swan, you are one of us,” a deep voice said. It seemed to be coming from inside her head. “You are now growing into your potential and we have come to claim you.”

This voice was anything but human. It was anything but vampire. There was a deep darkness to it, as if thousands upon thousands dead dreams, delights and hopes were pleated into it and Bella could almost feel them tingling, where the creature had touched her. This voice seemed more beautiful to her than the saccharine voices of the Cullens. This seemed real. This seemed true.

She saw a vision of a hooded figure placing a small human child into the arms of her mother. Somehow she knew that the child was her. It was true! She really did belong to these creatures. The thought felt her with content - not real joy, but a feeling so much more complex and so much more fulfilling.

“Alright,” she agreed. “I will come with you.”

Then she closed her eyes. When she opened them she still stood in the middle of the road, only she was no longer wearing her shirt or jeans and sneakers. She was now dressed in the same robe as the other creatures. A robe made of desolation. She reached up to feel her face, but all she managed to touch were small gaseous particles of darkness.

Bella was not a beautiful, immortal vampire as she wanted, but she didn’t care anymore - not for Edward, not for being vampire, not for her parents or classmates. She was so much more. She was pure. She was full. She was forever. She was Darkness .

That’s my first Twilight spite-fic and my first real crossover. Hope, you enjoyed it.

*I’m not sure if that’s the real expression.
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Just an Exemplary Post

A/N: This is just an exemplary post. I wanted to see, how the comm style of the comm would look.

Anyway, it's a Twilight Spite-fic about imprinting (because the more I think about it, the creepier it gets) and it almost completely disregards the canon.

Fandom: The Twilight Saga, New Moon
Rating: K+
Type: One shot

His One and Only

Broken. That’s what life was for Sam Uley.

It didn’t always use to be. There was a time, when he had real dreams. He wanted to go to college. He’d planned it out and everything - he was going to work to pay for it and then find a better paying job in a big city like Seattle and help his parents out.

As it turned out however life had different plans for him. One day, he just felt sick and didn’t know what was happening. He had no one to talk to and just as he thought he was going to die - he turned. Only then, did his father tell him what was going on.

In hindsight, Sam could see why - he most likely wouldn’t have believed it. The Quilliettes’ legends had always been just stories to him.

Sam thought that this would be as bad as it would get. The physical pain of the change, the way his body transformed to canine;  constantly worrying about who he may hurt, if he wasn’t careful enough to keep a lid on his emotions; having to stay in La Push, instead of being able to live his own life - how could it get worse? And yet, somehow it did.

Before she had shown up, Sam had one little hope - that even though being a werewolf might dictate how he lived his life, and his new responsibilties' one day - not anytime soon, but one day - he’d find someone who accepts him just as he is. Someone who loved him and wanted to share his life with him, even if they knew he was a monster.

He had a boyfriend before he turned. It wasn't the kind of 'can't be without you for two minutes' relationship, but they cared for each other. Most of their dates were ususally just hiking and picnics in the the forest - if eating clumsily made, softened sandwiches could be called a ‘picnic’, but they had fun and even planned to go to college together. Their relationship had to be a secret of course - Sam was too sacred to tell anyone. Only one person knew - Leah Clearwater, Sam’s best friend. She was so nice and understanding, even pretended to be his girlfriend, and covered for him, when he wanted to be with Kyle. In college, it would be different, Sam told himself - he could finally be free of the small town’s narrow-mindedness and he wouldn’t have to be a burden for Leah, either.

But once he turned into a werewolf, all this was impossible. Sam had to break up with Kyle over the phone. He hated himself for it, knowing Kyle deserved better but he was too scared that if he did it in person they might end up in a fight, his emotions would run wild and could turn and hurt him - kill him, even. It sucked, but at least Kyle was safe - that helped.

Still, none of this could compare to when he first met Leah’s cousin, Emily. His father had told him about imprinting before - what it was, a bit of what it felt like, but Sam didn’t pay attention - back then, he was only focusing on the other things about being a werewolf. All he could remember about imprinting at first, was that it had to do with genes - finding the best person to create the strongesy, healthiest cubs with. But even so, nothing that his father had said came even close to the truth. After all, even if one could explain imprinting, it wouldn’t be his father - John Uley wasn’t a werewolf, he had never imprinted, himself.

And when Sam saw Emily it happened. It was the most wretched feeling. Worse than when all of his bones broke to be bent into a canine form, the first time he turned or the second and so on, until he no longer felt the pain. It felt like an invisible rope was pulling him towards her, suffocating him, trying to squeeze in all of his insights. He wanted to throw up to, get away, to claw his way out of the rope, hold on to something, anything at all… but all else disappeared. All else, except for Emily. Suddenly, she was the only thing that mattered, the only thing he cared for. He was bound to her forever and he hated it.

All had been taken from him. His choice., his life, his love - gone. He only had Emily.

He had to try and stay close to her then. Eventually, she responded to his devotion. Why, he wasn't sure - he must have seem like the most miserable human being ever, clinging to the only thing left - and what an unsure, fragile thing it was.

They started dating, soon after that. If what they did could be called dating at all. There was no romantic chemistry between them. No intamcy. Sam was simply wasn't interesting and soon enough - neither was Emily.

One day, back when he couldn't control his animal side, they had a fight. It was so silly, Sam couldn't even remember what they were fighting about later. All he knew was that he got angry and he turned. He wasn’t angry at Emily even, he was just angry at all that had happened to him. All he knew afterwards was coming back to it, sometime later (could have been minutes or hours for all he knew) and seeing Emily with her face clawed up. She was now, forever bearing the scars of his curse. Broken.

Sam loved her extremely and hated himself even more. It was a sick, twisted love, he knew as much, but he couldn’t help it. He was bound to her. Why did he end up hurting everyone he loved?

She stayed and took care of him, promised everything will be alright. He resented her for it! He wanted to scream at her to go away. Why did she stay? She hated him now, she’d never be able to fully forgive him for what he had done to her. But they would stay together. She would spent her life with him - a man who could never be what she needed, what she wanted or what she deserved. She’d stay home, find a low-paying job in town town and eventually - raise their children. It was her duty to the community. All of her dreams about touring the country and fighting a love that would sweep her of her feet - all of that was never going to happen for her. Because of Sam.

But she would still stay.

No matter how loveless, miserable, how
broken their life would be, they’d still live it. Emily would love him as much as she could. As for Sam, he never had a chance -  he was lost in her the moment he saw her. She was his one and only.

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